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Hangkai Electric "go out" once again

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In May, Pakistan is entering the harvest season. On the morning of May 25th, the Hangkai Electric Power project department, located in Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan, had just completed the safety disclosure meeting before the construction, and the workers entered the workshop in an orderly manner.


 Workers entered the workshop

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Application Workshop

Following the successful completion of the construction project of ± 660kV converter station and 500kV converter station and ± 660kV converter station, In April 2022, with its good reputation in the industry, mature RTV coating technology, Hangkai successfully contracted with Pakistan National Power Transmission and Distribution Co., LTD. (NTDC) for RTV application project. The project is located in Port Qasim, Pakistan, with a total volume of 150,000 pieces of insulators, and lasts from April 2022 to August 2022.

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 Inside the workshop

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Spraying project of ± 660kV converter station in Matiari and Lahore, Pakistan

"We are confident of this trip, ensure the task completed with high quality and live up to the expectations of the company!" During the current epidemic, Hangkai workers wearing protective clothing, issued a clang oath. Confidence comes from excellent technical strength and mature overseas project operation experience. After the project is determined, Hangkai attached great importance to solve the regional differences, climate conditions, language communication, engineering progress, epidemic situation and a series of problems, the company integrated engineering, production research and development departments, setting up a special project team, reasonable division of labor and efficient cooperation to provide strong support for the project implementation and ensure the project completed smoothly.

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Hangkai workers wearing protective clothing were ready to go    Regular communication meeting of project progress    

On April 25,2022, 22 people of Hangkai Electric left in Beijing and arrived at the project department in Pakistan on the same day. The project department has a total workshop of 3,200 square meters, including 2,300 square meters of production workshop, 900 square meters of warehouse, and with the production capacity of more than 3,300 pieces per day. Since it was summer in Pakistan, and the highest outdoor temperature was 50 degrees, the project department took various measures to ensure the good performance of the coat, to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the workshop were controllable. The hot weather had a great impact on the construction personnel. The project department adjusted the work and rest time to avoid the high temperature period from 12:00 to 13:00 at noon. Meanwhile, it was equipped with enough drinks, cooling oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi water and mung bean soup and other heat-proof cooling items.

In strict implementation of construction process and standards,ensuring quality and quantity progress, at the same time, project department vigorously promoted the epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implemented the "two line" epidemic prevention discipline from the construction personnel, outsiders and takeaway items to build "epidemic barrier", strengthened cleaning and disinfection, done a good job in emergency security and epidemic prevention.

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Daily finished product testing

At present, all the work is being carried out in an orderly way, the project has completed more than 50,000 pieces in total. Pakistan has also praised the quality, project progress and personnel team of the Hangkai Electric.

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The excellent quality is recognized by NTDC

The application construction is still continuing, Hangkai Power, step by step, is making a contribution to the international power industry! We are also much looking forward to the return of Hangkai worker!

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