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Hangkai Electric to build a high-quality transmission line project

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Over the mountains, the staff of Hangkai walked thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains

At the end of November 2015, Hangkai received RTV spraying engineering task of the state grid corporation ± 500kv longzheng (Anhui) transmission line. From the moment of receiving the task, the engineering department responded quickly, aiming at creating high-quality projects, implementing the ISO9000 quality standard, organizing an excellent construction team, setting up a project team, consisting of 4 project departments, and a total of more than 120 construction personnel.

Anhui ± 500kv Longzheng Line is an important line for the Three Gorges Power to transmit electricity to east China, connecting the two regional power grids in east China and central China. Its safe operation is extremely important, not only related to the safe and stable operation of the two regional power grids, but also related to the economic development and social stability of central China and the Yangtze River Delta region.

The route passes through Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces. In Anhui province from west to east, through the Dabie Mountains and the central Anhui region, from Wuhu Bei across the Yangtze River, through Dangtu, Anshan to Jiangsu province, settled in the economically developed southern Jiangsu political district Zhengping converter station, the construction site is located in Jinzhai County at the foot of the Dabie Mountain.


Transmission line

Take precautions to ensure the construction progress

Before the full-scale construction work was carried out, the project department set up a line inspection team. Guo Zhibin, the director in charge of the four line inspections, is an old expert with many years of experience in line construction. Years of training in the field and mountainous area have made Director Guo develop a cautious and meticulous work attitude. Director Guo led the line inspection team, actively contacted local power companies and residents, went over mountains and mountains, went up the mountain to check, found out the location of the tower base and the location of the uphill, and provided guarantee for the follow-up project.

Safety in place to control risks and hidden dangers

In winter, safety work is the top priority. Frequent rain and snow increase the safety hazard of high-altitude sprayers. "The most worrying thing is not only the construction quality, but also the safety of employees, so on-site safety management is very important, especially for high-altitude personnel, we must keep safety in mind, sound the safety alarm bell at all times, and take safety precautions. Project manager Liu Pengfei said, "We not only strengthen safety management on site, but also daily safety training." Strengthening the training of directors and team leaders, requiring them to conduct operations on site in a reasonable and orderly manner to predict risk points in advance, take preventive measures, and eliminate potential safety hazards on the premise of ensuring standardized construction.


RTV spraying at site

Unified scheduling to promote the project development

In view of the winding and rugged mountain roads, muddy roads, large line spans, scattered construction sites, etc., to ensure the project construction period requirements and construction quality, the four project departments of Hangkai had adopted the management policy of "dispersion and unity", and established a strong command and dispatch system of the company, with the help of the Internet, implemented unified management and unified scheduling of personnel, mechanical equipment, and materials. Realizing the comprehensive sharing of engineering information among the 4 project departments, and real-time control of the construction process.

Military management, standardized operations

Uniform attire on site, standing team before construction, swearing, standardizing job responsibilities, and strengthening organizational discipline management are the concentrated expression of Hangkai Electric Power's "militarized management standardization operation", insisting on militarized management throughout the construction process, and improving the organization and discipline of employees , enhance execution and combat effectiveness, and avoid safety accidents.


Standardized construction operations, standardized modern management models are adopted, and a three-dimensional, tower-type command system is implemented. Through the real-time communication between the base towers, vehicles and personnel intercom equipment, the construction instructions can be issued quickly and accurately, avoiding the occurrence of illegal command and illegal operations, while ensuring the construction quality and avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents.


RTV coated insulators

In response to the company's "96 Innovation Series Project", video recording was used on site to implement construction. Through the internal WeChat platform, the recorder collects and summarizes the photos of the on-site construction situation uploaded by the construction personnel to ensure that the construction situation is updated in real time and accurately, and effectively control the project without blind spots and perform standardized operations.

Go all out to build high-quality projects

Through the joint efforts of all members of the project department, the construction of the ±500kv Longzheng Line (Anhui Section) line project has been completed. Hangkai Power's resolute style and spirit of overcoming difficulties have won high recognition from Party A. In the future, we will continue to implement the core values of "integrity, quality, efficiency and innovation" to create high-quality projects.

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