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Team walking in Dabie Mountain

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At the foot of the Dabie Mountains in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province, there are such a group of people who go out early and return late every day, with a wooden stick and a luggage, walking through the Dabie Mountains. They are the construction workers of Hangkai Electric Power. Crossing high mountains and deep ravines, narrow gorges and steep slopes, transporting construction equipment to high-speed iron towers in mountains, escorting the ±500kv Longzheng Line (Anhui Section).


On December 6th, it was just dawn, and the villages in the mountains were extraordinarily quiet. The Hangkai workers were already ready to go. Today's construction tower foundation is the 1047 DC tower located in Jieling Village, Gubei Town, Jinzhai County. The simple construction tasks in the plains are extremely difficult in the mountains. The Dabie Mountains have high and steep slopes, deep canyons, and the routes are mostly located on the top of the mountain. The gasoline pumps, paints, and equipment required for the spraying construction need to be transported to the construction site by means of poles and shoulders.



Construction workers transport equipment and RTV coat up the mountain

The construction workers went up the mountain along the path, and when they reached the halfway up the mountain, the weeds and thorns became denser and denser, and it was difficult to identify where the road was. The mountain road is getting steeper and steeper, with a slope of more than 50 degrees. The dense and hard branches cut fingers and cheeks, and if you are not careful, you will slip and fall. Everyone grabbed the branches, took care of each other and continued to move towards the construction site. The construction workers who have been walking in the mountains all the year round said: "When climbing the mountain, not only should pay attention to your feet, but also beware of attacks by bees, wild boars, snakes and other animals." After more than 40 minutes of climbing, they finally reached the base of the construction tower


Change work clothes, fasten seat belts, and adjust safety helmets. Following the project manager's command to "go to the tower", the high-altitude sprayers quickly and vigorously climbed to the top of the tower to prepare for spraying construction. Insulator insulation resistance testing, hardware wrapping, wiping, and technical safeguards for line construction are all in one step. The ground crew completed the inspection of the air pump equipment, and started the air pump according to the instructions of the high-altitude personnel. The sound of the bouncing motor echoed in the valley.



"High-altitude spraying work is dangerous, and employees always keep safety in mind. Paying attention to safety is the most common we say."Said the project manager, looking gravely."After the construction, the worker Ma Shan will rush to the next project. It is urgent to make the construction plan, safety risk management and emergency plan in advance.”

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